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A Card Verification Code, or CVC, is a number that provides extra security to credit and debit card holders, in case an unauthorized person gets a hold of your account number. CVCs are one way to make sure someone has the actual card in his or her possession.

The location of the CVC and number of digits varies depending on card type.

American Express: the CVC is the four digits located on the front of the card, on the right side. Discover, MasterCard, Visa, and Visa Electron: the CVC is the last three digits of the number that appears on the back of your card in the signature bar.

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If you prefer to donate by mail, please send a check to:
Rose Foundation
1970 Broadway, Suite 600
Oakland, CA 94612-2218

To direct your donation towards a specific project, please simply write: "For the benefit of PROJECT NAME" in the memo line on your check. For example, if you want to earmark your donation for the support of Rose's New Voices Are Rising project, the memo line on your check should read: "For the benefit of New Voices Are Rising."

If you prefer, you can also give us instructions on how to direct your donation in a cover letter sent with your donation.

The Rose Foundation is grateful for any support, no matter what the level. All gifts are acknowledged and the Foundation will provide a receipt for tax purposes.

The Rose Foundation is a tax-exempt organization under Section 501(c)(3) of the Internal Revenue Code. Our Tax ID number is 94-3179772. Donations to the Rose Foundation may be tax deductible as allowed by law.